Thomas Kline: Gov. Wolf signs anti-hazing bill named for Penn State student

Kline & Specter lawyers Tom Kline, David Williams, and Chip Becker looked on along with clients Jim Piazza and Evelyn Piazza as Governor Tom Wolf signed the Timothy J Piazza Anti Hazing Law on October 19, 2018.
The bill was sponsored by Senator Jake Corman, The Kline and Specter lawyers were instrumental in working with Senator Corman and his staff and drafting legislation aimed at deterring hazing in Pennsylvania, especially in fraternity and university life.
The new law, the most comprehensive anti-hazing law in the nation, makes aggravated hazing which results in serious bodily injury or death a felony and enables forfeiture of real estate such as a fraternity house in such events. The law, designed as a deterrent and to save lives, provides a safe harbor immunity for those who call for aid or render aid in a hazing incident.
Tom Kline told the news media at the time of passage:
The parents of Tim Piazza are grateful for the unanimous passage of the Timothy J Piazza Anti Hazing law which, they believe , will serve a national model for anti-hazing legislation. In particular, today was a significant step forward in deterring and eradicating the scourge of hazing on university campuses throughout the nation.
Prior to the signing, Jim Piazza, standing next to Governor Wolf, Senator Corman, along with Evelyn Piazza, Kline , Williams and Becker commented:
We are proud today that the Timothy J. Piazza Anti-Hazing Law has been enacted. We have sadness in our hearts every day without Tim in our lives, but are encouraged that this law will serve to hold accountable those who commit the crime of hazing, which cost Tim his life and, by its deterrent effect, will save the lives of young men and women like Tim.
The new law was covered widely in the media, including WPVI6, featuring remarks by Governor Wolf, Jim Piazza and Tom Kline.
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