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William E. Snead

William E. Snead
Status: Emeritus

1331 Park Ave., SW, Unit 1209
Albuquerque, NM 87102
(505) 344-9082

Bill Snead has vast experience trying cases in court. He knows how to present a case to a jury effectively. While not every case should go to trial, preparing evidence for a jury's opinion is always crucial. In order to gain a substantial settlement, the other side must believe that the case would win at trial. His almost forty years of experience in handling cases involving all kinds of personal tragedy from medical or legal malpractice and automobile accidents to multinational corporation wrongdoing has equipped Mr. Snead with the experience to represent clients in almost any kind of personal injury. He represents ordinary citizens who are faced with life changing and devastating injuries. It is the commitment to represent people for the right reasons which makes plaintiffs' law so satisfying.
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