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W. W. Watkins

W. W. Watkins
Status: Deceased

Will Watkins looked and spoke the role of a Texas Methodist minister, but could cuss like a sailor when the situation warranted. He was a low-key lawyer with a dynamite presence. He received one of the first million-dollar verdicts in Texas that was not reduced on appeal. It was said that "When Will hit he brought the bomb." He was non-braggadocios and got verdicts and kept them. He was a great leader, and a very good golfer.

In 1990, Will Watkins and Wayne Fisher organized "CigLit" as a statewide joint venture of the Texas Trial Lawyers to pass the issue that cigarette companies should not be immune from legal liability to their millions of victims. CigLit's mission was to present this issue to the Texas courts for decision. The joint venture was not against the smoker, and not against the sale of cigarettes. Rather, CigLit was against the promotion of cigarette smoking. "Such promotion, in reality, is promoting disease and death by pushing a powerfully addictive substance to children, as well as to adults."

Will served as President of the Inner Circle from 1985-1987.
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