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W. Carl Rentz, II

W. Carl  Rentz, II
Status: Deceased

(1941 - 2012)

In 1966, after graduating from law school with honors, Carl Rentz returned to Coral Gables, Florida, and began his law career after passing the Florida Bar exam on his 25th birthday. Carl was bright and learned quickly. He earned the respect of legal professionals nationwide.

The case that brought Carl to the attention of the Inner Circle was on behalf of Greg Stead, a high school football player who suffered spinal cord injuries from tackling an opponent. At age 16, Greg was a quadriplegic for life. Carl sued Rydell Company for improper football helmet design. The 12-person jury returned a $5.3 million verdict against Rydell which was the largest personal injury verdict ever awarded at that time. Greg Stead, from his wheelchair, went on to earn his own law degree from the University of Miami.

Carl "worked hard and played hard" in his pursuit of perfecting his skill of back-country fishing with a fly rod. He accomplished the "Big Three" which is catching the most prized back-country sports fish: Tarpon, Bonefish, and Permit on a fly. Carl almost became the world's first angler to catch a 200-pound tarpon on a fly. In June of 1981, while fishing in Homosassa Springs with a friend and professional guide, Carl hooked a monster "silver king." He fought the fish for 6 hours covering several miles along the Crystal River coast. Carl finally maneuvered the giant 8-foot-long Tarpon alongside his boat. He and his guide were hauling the fish into the boat when it made one last leap for freedom and was lost forever - along with the legend.

Tragedy struck Carl on August 8, 1992, when he was hit by a car while crossing US #1 as a pedestrian, suffering a severe traumatic brain injury from which he never recovered. He lived the rest of his days at an ALF specializing in brain injured patients.
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