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Thomas W. McAliley

Thomas W. McAliley
Status: Deceased

(1932 - 1994)

If you were casting a movie for the role of a country lawyer, the late Thomas W. McAliley would have filled the bill. With his shock of white hair and courtly demeanor, the Miami lawyer looked the part of the small-town gentleman. But looks deceive. He was a gentleman, all right, in the best senses of the word, yet Tom McAliley
loved being a "character"-- a cigar- chomping, boot-wearing Southern attorney who fought for civil rights, stood up for the underdog, and won million-dollar verdicts. As he was preparing to go to court in Tampa for another underdog -- a disabled railroad worker -- Mr. McAliley collapsed of an aneurysm. He died from complications October 19, 1994 at age 62.
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