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Roxanne Barton Conlin

Roxanne Barton Conlin
Status: Active
Roxanne Conlin & Assoc.
3721 SW 61st Street, Suite C
Des Moines, IA 50321
(515) 283-1111

Roxanne Conlin has devoted her law practice in Des Moines, Iowa to representing people who have been injured by others, whether by discrimination, products, doctors or vehicles, and has gained national attention and the respect of her peers in the process. She believes that bringing lawsuits on behalf of injured individuals makes society safer by making business, industry, and professionals responsible for their preventable actions. If individuals and their families are in danger of serious injury or death; and reasonable safety measures exist that will either minimize or eliminate the risk; the risk of danger is unacceptable and must be remedied. Roxanne Conlin believes it is our role to use the tools the judicial system gives us to protect people.
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