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Robert Conason

Robert  Conason
Status: Deceased

(1932 - 2013)

Bob Conason has been remembered by friends and colleagues as much for his humility as for the outstanding success he achieved in the courtroom. He was humble, modest, and became widely regarded as one of the preeminent trail lawyers in America. Bob was passionate about helping victims of negligence and their families. He often worked well into the night to protect their rights, yet he always had time to provide advice, support, and inspiration to his colleagues. His ethics and skill earned him the respect of the entire legal profession.

Among his most notable legal triumphs were $100 million in settlements for victims of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and their families with the Victims Compensation Fund, and a $50 million settlement on behalf of relatives of business executives killed in the 1980 fire at the Stouffer's Inn in Westchester County, NY.

Bob had initially thought of practicing criminal law when he got his degree in 1960 from the New York University School of Law following a stint in the Army. But he began working with the prominent attorney Harry Gair and realized he liked the intellectual challenge and satisfaction of representing clients in personal injury cases.

It has been said that Bob had an ability to appeal to every man. He was a very humble guy who was also unassuming. He never spoke in flowery terms. He spoke to jury members as if they were his neighbors and friends. Bob was the consummate teacher, always willing to give more than he received.

Bob's friendly demeanor helped him in the courtroom with jurors and judges. He also readily admitted to being driven by a fear of failure.
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