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Rex Carr

Rex  Carr
Status: Deceased

(1926 - 2015)

Rex Carr served in the U.S. Navy in WWII and received his law degree form the University of Illinois in 1949. For over one-half century, people who were out of luck or injured could call on Rex to be their champion. He did it with a style and grace that made him a legend in the legal community. Rex was known for his personal courage, tenacity and total honesty. He worked long hours, didn't drink, and ran 3 miles most days.

Rex held three Guinness Book of World Records:

(1) 1976 world's largest personal injury verdict - Thomas Hooks v. Washington Sheraton Corp. Eighteen year-old Hooks dove from diving board at Sheraton Inn near Washington, DC, hitting his head in shallow water and suffering quadriplegic injuries. The $7 million jury verdict ordered reduced by judge as excessive.

(2) 1981 world's largest libel verdict - James Green v. Alton Telegraph Newspaper. $9.2 million verdict for an article the newspaper decided not to publish which linked real estate developer James Green to the mob. Instead, reporters sent the story to prosecutors who sent it to bank regulators. Banks canceled Green's loans and his business went into bankruptcy. The case settled for $1.4 million.

(3) 1988 world's longest civil jury trial - Kramer v. Monsanto. This case was about a 1979 train derailment outside a Missouri town spilling 19,000 gallons of wood preservative with less than a teaspoon of Dioxin. Sixty-Five plaintiffs sued for emotional problems, including fear of cancer. $9 million was collected from the tank car company, but Monsanto made no offer to Rex's $135 million demand. The defense changed teams of lawyers weekly, but Rex was at trial every day. Rex's cross examination of one witness lasted five months and another lasted six months. The $16.25 million punitive damage verdict was reduced to $1 million by the appellate court. After the trial, Rex was invited to weddings and other special occasions by members of his jury.

Rex served as President of the Inner Circle from 1987-1989.
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