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Nathan A. Friedman

Nathan A. Friedman
Status: Deceased

(1930 - 2010)

Nathan Freidman's career started on the stage and his acting career included several roles in the Philadelphia-produced live western show called "Action in the Afternoon." He also had parts in a couple of movies, including the 1959 "4-D Man." At his father's insistence, Nathan left the stage and pursued a career in law and received his degree from Temple School of Law in 1961.

Nathan went on to handle high-profile personal injury cases in South Jersey and was able to go head-to-head with big corporations and government officials to make a case for people who might not have had a voice otherwise. He convinced juries that he was entitled to whatever he was asking for and did it with passion. It has been said that Nathan would take his acting to the jury like he would take his acting to the stage.

In 1983 after his former boss, prominent lawyer Daniel B. Toll, died of brain injuries sustained in a mugging at the Super Bowl, Nathan took the National Football League and Contemporary Security Corp. of Pasadena to court, claiming both entities were responsible for negligence in Dan's death. He won a $400,000 verdict in that case.

In 1975, Nathan made big news by receiving a $1 million verdict in his case of a 16-year-old high school student who was seriously injured in a car accident while returning to school from a school-sponsored trip.

Nathan went on to persuade the New Jersey Supreme Court in 1992 to rule that public employees may be sued because of what they as individuals do on the job.

Goes to show that Nathan's father really did know best!
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