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Marshall A. Bernstein

Marshall A. Bernstein
Status: Deceased

(1925 - 2013)

Marshall Bernstein was a phenomenal litigator known for setting legal precedents that are still used today. His work established a number of tort principles such as the liability of tavern owners for selling alcohol to minors, as well as the standard of care in negligent security cases. His precedent-setting case of Feld v. Merriam is still cited today for principles of punitive damages.

The case which brought Marshall to the attention of the Inner Circle was Donnely v. Sylvan Pools which in 1973 resulted in a $1,004,000 verdict on behalf of his client who was injured diving into a swimming pool.

Marshall has been described as "unique in his ability to achieve great results while always a total professional one could not help but like. ... A gentleman and a gentle man, strong and decent." Marshall was highly accomplished and highly respected by his opponents - a great sign of integrity.
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