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Lantz Welch

Lantz  Welch
Status: Deceased

(1932 - 2016)

Some people would say the one phrase that epitomizes Lantz Welch is, "large and very much IN CHARGE!" So much so that his family had always believed Lantzlot would write his own obituary...which he did.

Lantz had a unique ability to connect with the members of the jury. He was the first attorney to successfully take on the chemical industry for water and ground pollution resulting in a record verdict in favor of his clients. He successfully represented victims of the Hyatt disaster including Sally Firestone. He was known as a fearless lawyer who took on Corporate America. He meticulously researched and prepared for each case living by his seven Ps motto: Prior Perfect Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

In addition to his record-setting $45 million verdict for injury to a single person, Lantz had a 10-year lawsuit on behalf of 31 residents of Sedalia, MO., against the Alcolac chemical company which ended with a four and one-half month trial and jury verdicts totaling more than $49 million. He also represented the plaintiff in the case in which the Missouri Supreme Court first permitted an award of punitive damages against a health care provider, and he represented the plaintiff in the case in which the state's high court abolished the practice of remittitur.

The case which got Lantz in the Inner Circle was his 1977 attractive nuisance case on behalf of an eight-year-old boy who climbed through a fence into a restricted area underneath the Screamroller ride at "Worlds of Fun," and was struck in the head suffering brain damage. The jury awarded $1,394,000 for the boy plus $75,000 to his mother for loss of services.
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