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James E. Hullverson

James E. Hullverson
Status: Deceased

(1929 - 2012)

While representing people who were injured, Jim Hullverson achieved local and national prominence as an attorney. He won the first multi-million-dollar verdict in Missouri which was one of the earliest in America. He was named annually in The Best Lawyers in America from its inception in 1983 until his retirement. Jim served as President of the Inner Circle from 1989-1991.

Jim was a trim, compact guy, and gifted athlete who was an avid tennis player. Booty Nance remembered Jim as enjoying partying with the best of us. He remembered them closing the bar at the first meeting we held at Pebble Beach. Later at a meeting at Sun Valley, Idaho, Jim and Booty were in a lounge with a band playing music when "all at once Jim stopped the band and announced that a particular young lady standing by him was born deaf, but that he had the power to heal her birth defect whereupon the young lady knelt down with Jim standing over her commanding her to hear. As each command grew louder and louder, the young lady finally screamed, 'I can hear! I can hear! Oh lord, I can hear!' This act produced a resounding round of applause from the bar patrons and band alike. Later that evening, Jim told Booty he had performed this feat of healing several times in the past."

Jim was a fun-loving guy, a real gentleman, and a great attorney.
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