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J. Jude Basile

J. Jude  Basile
Status: Active
The Basile Law Firm
1334 Chorro St.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 781-8600

Jude Basile specializes in helping juries enforce community safety. Since 1982 he has helped juries hold corporations and the government accountable to people who they have harmed. Most of the cases involve corporations that have ignored basic safety in various areas, governments overlooking dangerous roadways, trucking companies failing to have safe drivers, police officers using excessive force, drivers that ignore rules of the road, and other basic safety violations.

Jude helps juries understand that enforcing community safety means holding the
violators accountable for all the harm they cause. He has been recognized locally, state wide, and nationally as leader in preparing and presenting these cases on behalf of ordinary people and families. His firm selects a few cases each year mostly throughout the state of California. His unique method of discovering, understanding, and presenting the case from a truly human perspective has him invited nationally to share his approach.

In addition to his active practice, Jude served as president of The Trial Lawyers College founded by legendary Trial Lawyer Gerry Spence from 2008-2014. He has been instrumental in working with Spence in the development and training of lawyers. He has numerous 7 and 8 figure verdicts. Jude has been named an Outstanding Trial Lawyer many times by numerous organizations. His biggest satisfaction, however, is the warm hugs and tears of joy from the people and families he represents.

Although he lives on the California coast near Big Sur, Jude was raised in western Pennsylvania. He saw first-hand the struggle of ordinary hardworking people and families who frequented his family's neighborhood bar and restaurant. One of 6 children of second generation Italian/Irish immigrant parents, Jude attended college on an athletic grant in aid.

His selection of only a few cases each year has allowed Jude to be very close to the people and families he represents. He remains close to many of those he has represented. He believes that juries are the most powerful force for justice and perhaps the only place left for the common person to have a chance against powerful corporations and government. Reaching out to jurors is the goal of each case. When the opposing side knows reaching a jury is your goal and you have a track record of success with juries, the wrongdoers often will take an approach to try to settle. Jude's firm belief in juries is paramount in his success.
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