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Fred Peters

Fred  Peters
Status: Deceased

(1926 - 1983)

Fred Peters was a nationally known trial lawyer who won an eight-figure medical malpractice award the year before his death. Fred died along with his family and the lead lawyer in his firm on June 1, 1983, when the plane he was piloting got tangled in electrical wires and crashed in fog and rain near East Farmingdale, New York. He was 58 years of age.

Fred won a $3 million award in 1973 and a $1.8 million medical malpractice verdict in 1981. In 1982, a $29.2 million award was granted by a State Supreme Court jury in Brooklyn to a 5-year-old girl, unable to walk, see, or talk. Fred had argued that her condition was the result of a hospital's faulty diagnosis of an illness when she was 6 months old. Right before his death in 1983, Fred received a $7.5 million verdict for a 68-year-old lady who suffered an injured larynx during treatment for respiratory distress.

Fred served as President of the Inner Circle from 1979-1981.
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