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Daniel C. Cathcart

Daniel C. Cathcart
Status: Deceased

(1932 - 2019)

Dan Cathcart was a nationally known plaintiff's lawyer and a very decent, ethical, and moral man. He served as President of the Inner Circle from 1991-1993.

He was best known for the $1 trillion Golden Buddha lawsuit which ultimately resulted in a $43.5 billion jury verdict after years of litigation. The case was against Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda filed in Hawaii. The suit involved a Philippine treasure hunter, Roger Roxas, who found an ancient golden Buddha statue which was stolen from him by the Marcoses. The preparation and trial of the case involved threats, bribery, and serious risk of criminal harm to Dan as well as witnesses. Unfortunately, the verdict proved impossible to collect.

Dan had a passion for flying. He held multi-engine and instrument ratings acting as pilot-in-command in Piper, Beech, and Cessna aircraft. He parlayed his aviation experience with his legal knowledge to become one the pioneers of plaintiff aviation accident litigation. He tried product liability cases across the country against the general aviation manufacturers with remarkable success. He was uniformly respected by everyone who knew or dealt with him.
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