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Ben T. Castle

Ben T. Castle
Status: Deceased

(1938 - 2019)

After being raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the age of 18 Ben Castle was awarded the Benjamin Franklin full scholarship to attend the University of Pennsylvania, where he was the captain of the crew team. He earned his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center and was admitted to the Delaware bar in 1965.

Ben was a wonderful, caring man, and a terrific lawyer. He was the paragon of the plaintiffs bar in Delaware. It has been said that Delaware is an exceptionally unwelcoming place for out-of-state lawyers. Ben was the opposite always helpful, generous, and supremely decent. He always had something kind to say, saw silver linings in everything, and he lifted others up. "A true giant in the Delaware bar."

Upon hearing of his death, Scott Segal posted, "Ben was a true gentleman. When the State Chief Justices conference was hosted at the Greenbrier, the new Chief Justice for Delaware responded 'why would anyone want to go to West Virginia' so his recently retired predecessor was sent in his place. When introduced he asked what I did. I responded that I was a trial lawyer. His response in a condescending voice 'oh one of those.' Undeterred I responded 'I know a trial lawyer from Delaware, Ben Castle.' He changed his demeanor and responded, 'Ben is not a trial lawyer he is THE trial lawyer of Delaware.' Ben obviously impressed this Justice who was not very impressed by those who toil at what we do."

Ben was universally positive, encouraging, and uplifting. He never had a negative word to say. He always wore a smile and embodied grace, intellect, and quiet self confidence.

Outside the courtroom, Ben was a proud Boston Marathoner, an avid skier, and a rower with the Wilmington Rowing Club.
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