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Mark Mandell: Hospital changes policies and procedures that will save lives of children born there in the future.

Published on: 12/31/1969

Inner Circle member Mark Mandell  of Providence, Rhode Island, recently represented the family of a seven day-old boy who died due to unnecessary and preventable injuries which occurred at the time of his birth.  The settlement involved non-economic relief that will be provided by the defendant Hospital which will save lives and injuries to all children born there in the future:

1.  The hospital will conduct annual seminars for at least the next 20 years that address proper labor and delivery technique. All physicians, nurses and other hospital professionals treating women in labor will be required to attend.  Mr. Mandell's  clients will be allowed to attend and present the details of what happened to cause the death of their son and the lessons to be learned from his death.

2.  The hospital will change its website to inform the public that physicians may not be present in the hospital at all times during active labor, and that physicians are required to be able to arrive within 30 minutes of being called. This information is vital to inform the public that an obstetrician may not be present at the Hospital when their assistance is needed.

Mr. Mandell's clients will be given the opportunity to tell their story to the Hospital's Patient Quality Care committee of their Board of Directors.  An ongoing dialogue has been established between his clients and the hospital on quality care issues which will save lives and injury to all children born at the Hospital.

In addition, Mr. Mandell and his firm has drafted state legislation that was passed this year that limits the ability of all hospitals in Rhode Island to hide incident reports. 

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Outline - Proposal for Annual Safety Training Program
6/7/22 Email received from one of the RNs who attended the seminar
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