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Randi McGinn: SWAT team changes to avoid shooting suicidal citizens

Inner Circle member Randi McGinn, Albuquerque, New Mexico, represented the family of Larry Harper, a suicidal man who was shot and killed late one night in the mountains near Albuquerque by a SWAT Team.  The resolution of this case included: 

1)    Reorganizing the SWAT team and creating a Crisis Intervention Team, trained in mental illness and depression to respond to suicidal citizens;

2)    Tape recording all encounters with suicidal citizens;

3)    Fingerprinting all weapons found at the scene;

4)    Disciplining officers for violating SOPs;

5)    Informing families of a shooting death of a loved one and providing counseling to them (rather than the previous policy of just providing counseling to the police officer who shot the person)

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thumb image
Shooting victim Larry Harper
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