Richard Friedman: Generator installation manual corrected to warn of dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning

Inner Circle member Richard Friedman, Bremerton, Washington, represented the family of an 11 year-old boy who died from carbon monoxide poisoning when the generator exhaust on a houseboat wasn't properly vented.  As a part of the resolution of the suit, Mr. Friedman convinced the generator manufacturer to add more precise language in their generator installation/exhaust venting safety manual as well as to add the following quote from NIOSH: “Numerous studies have concluded that when properly designed and installed, the exhaust stack is a viable, low-cost, engineering control that can dramatically improve the safety of houseboat users.”  These changes are certain to add an additional layer of safety for consumers.

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HELP PREVENT CARBON MONOXIDE DEATHS. Avoid side and rear exhaust for houseboat generators. In Memory of Joshua Murphy - Age 11 (4/25/98-8/20/09) "All organizations concerned with boating safety should immediately endorse the vertical stack, as evaluated in this study and by NIOSH, as the only technique which provides adequate protection against carbon monoxide poisonings associated with houseboat gasoline generator exhaust."- Milligan, M. and Tennant, J., "Carbon Monoxide Exposure from Houseboat Generators," SAE Technical Paper 2003-32-0012k2003. "NIOSH investigators recommend that all U.S. houseboats, using gasoline powered generators, should be retrofitted with an exhaust stack that extends well above the upper deck, in order to reduce the hazard of CO poisoning and death to individuals on or near the houseboat."- "An Evaluation of an engineering control to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning of Individuals on Houseboats," NIOSH Report EPHB 171-25a, March 2001.
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