Steve Yerrid: Armored car manufacturer corrected vehicle design

Inner Circle member Steve Yerrid of Tampa, Florida, represented a guard who suffered a severe back injury rendering him paraplegic due to design and manufacturing defects of an armored vehicle.  The vehicle had been equiped with a coin barricade that was intended to separate the coins from the guard and driver seated in the front of the armored vehicle.  But during a collision, the coins moved forward through the barrier and broke the back of the guard.  Resolution of the lawsut was achieved when the CEO of the armored vehicle company sent a meaningful letter of apology to Mr. Yerrid's client and shut down their production line in order to manufacture a state-of-the-art handicapped vehicle for him.  Further, the manufacturer agreed to an immediate change in the design and strength of their coin barricades to prevent this tragedy from happening to other guards who have the job of riding with the cargo in their armoured vehicles. 

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