Randall Kinnard: Stroke signs and symptoms diagnosis policy corrected at large teaching hospital in Nashville

Inner Circle member Randy Kinnard of Nashville, Tennessee, represented a 32 year-old woman who was taken to the emergency room of a large teaching hospital suffering from slurred speech.  She had a prior history of conversion disorder and was given that label again, and again on a repeat visit.  On her third visit to the ER she was correctly diagnosed with a large ischemic stroke.  As a result of the medical malpractice suit brought by Mr. Kinnard the hospital changed its procedure so that any (sober) patient who now presents to their emergency room with new slurred speech symptoms MUST receive a neurological consultation, and on repeat visit the nursing staff MUST bring in a doctor to see the patient.  This change in procedure has undoubtedly helped protect other stroke sufferers who present to this hospital for treatment.

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