Scott Segal: West Virginia University Medical School now teaches residents how to diagnose and treat ectopic pregnancy

Inner Circle member Scott Segal, Charleston, West Virginia, represented the parents of a young woman who presented to the emergency room of her local hospital with classic signs of ectopic pregnancy.  An ultrasound was ordered, but the results could not rule out the ectopic pregnancy.  She was discharged with the suggestion that a repeat ultrasound be performed.  She presented back to the ER three more times and was discharged each time without the repeat ultrasound.  She was found dead at her home having bled to death from the ectopic pregnancy.  As a part of the resolution of this case, Mr. Segal convinced the Dean and the Chair of the Department of the Women's and Children's Division of the medical school to adopt this case as one which would be taught to every group of residents into the future in an attempt to ensure these mistakes are not repeated.

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