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Craig McClellan: Honda required to make safety changes to their ATVs

Inner Circle member Craig McClellan of San Diego, California, was instrumental in providing evidence to the United States Justice Department which enabled them to bring a civil lawsuit against Honda which resulted in a consent decree banning their dangerous three-wheel All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).  As with other dangerous products, the defects of ATVs were hidden from the public through the manufacturer’s use of Protective Orders.  Mr. McClellan's evidence also assisted the San Diego Superior Court in adopting a local rule expressing its policy against secrecy:  

Rule 2.5.5 - Confidentiality Agreements, Protective Orders, Sealed Documents - It is the policy of the court that confidentiality agreements and protective orders are disfavored and should be recognized and approved by the court only when there is a genuine trade secret or privilege to be protected.  

The new local Rule raised nationwide debate, and was the subject of a segment on 20/20. This rule applies to all cases, including Medical Malpractice cases.  

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